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With the general UK rates of underachievement amongst looked after children - and male adolescents in particular - at a worrying high, MRCS continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to being part of the solution to getting male teenagers with disrupted education histories and / or  special educational needs to value their education.

Some young people enter the care system at a very early age; others are taken into care during adolescence.  Unhappy and unstable family backgrounds make it hard for a young person to make educational progress at school.  Where a young person’s emotional development has been affected by difficult family experiences, poor concentration and under-achievement usually follow.

Where a /young person is without a school placement on admission to MRCS, his placing authority would be invited to make a referral to Kingsdown Secondary School, the independent BESD school run by MRCS, which was judged  ‘good’ in its most recent Ofsted inspection (www.kingsdonwsse.com.) Once accepted, the pupil will undergo preliminary baseline assessments to gauge his attainment levels and to inform his Individual Education Plan.

Kingsdown School provides a daily routine and structure much like that of a mainstream school, yet the provision is geared to addressing individual needs and learning styles, to ensure all achieve.  It seeks to engage individuals on areas of academic difficulty, life skills, and exercise and health promotion.  

In all cases students will be encouraged to read books and other educational material, and to carry their learning on after school hours.  Homework will also feature as part of the child/young person’s educational programme.